Patent no Country Title
IN140472 India A current controlled inductive transducer and associated electronic circuit
IN141303 India Improvement in or relating to probe for ultrasonic therapy
IN141755 India A hand operated machine for winding horizontal deflection coil for T.V
IN142130 India Improvemnts in or relating to electret condenser microphone
IN142698 India A device for picking up vibration such as voice singals directly from the throat
IN143062 India A device for picking up undulations on a moving disc record groove
IN143297 India Ultrasonic probe for the inspection of timber concert and like materials
IN143619 India Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of lead zirconate titanate.
IN145046 India A traversing mechanism for imparting uniform linear motion to crystals and photographic plates or films in X-ray topography camera or similar equipment.
IN146259 India An intrinsically safe magneto-sound powered telephone
IN154065 India Method for the manufacture of improved liquid crystal digital display panels
IN168044 India An improved electronic chip
IN179792 India An electronic device for high speed peer to peer data communication.
US6091804 USA Device useful as a master/slave clock for transmitting standard time over a telephone network and a telephone network incorporating the device for transmitting and receiving standard time
IN184417 India An improved process for the preparation of novel crystalline molecular sieve
US6208951 USA Method and an apparatus for the identification and/or separation of complex composite signals into its deterministic and noisy components
US6868361 USA Method of determining the volume scattering function of ocean waters in the backward direction using a satellite ocean color sensor
IN253067 India An improved process for the preparation of 16-ehydropregenolone acetate [16-dpa]
US8587414 USA Wireless information and safety system for mines