Patent no Country Title
IN162733 India Improved in or relating to hexadecimal keyboard
IN178456 India An improved process for the preparation of a membrane useful for diagnostic purpose and determining the genetic characters in biological samples
US6091804 USA Device useful as a master/slave clock for transmitting standard time over a telephone network and a telephone network incorporating the device for transmitting and receiving standard time
US6208951 USA Method and an apparatus for the identification and/or separation of complex composite signals into its deterministic and noisy components
US6763303 USA System for classifying seafloor roughness
US6826513 USA Method and apparatus for online identification of safe operation and advance detection of unsafe operation of a system or process
US6931605 USA Simulated circuit layout for low voltage, low paper and high performance type ii current conveyor
IN199570 India An improved process for the preparation of high coercivity yttrium iron garnet thin films useful for magnetic and magneto-optic recording
US7142994 USA Energy efficient data acquisition system and a computer controlled on-line energy monitoring system incorporating the same
US7158891 USA Method and system to build optimal models of 3-dimensional molecular structures
US7209871 USA Prediction of cavity size in the packed bed systems using new correlations and mathematical model
US7219115 USA Method for stable and accurate solution for an ill-conditioned system of normal equations associated with a prediction filter whose output is defined as a time advanced version of the input
IN208824 India A device for scalable inter-nodal communication in a parallel computing system
3610/DELNP/2006 India Improved Fake Currency Detector Using Visual and Reflective Spectral Response
US7307629 USA Generation of three dimensional fractal subsurface structure by voronoi tessellation and computation of gravity response of such fractal structure
US7313550 USA Performance of artificial neural network models in the presence of instrumental noise and measurement errors
US7328136 USA Computer based method for finding the effect of an element in a domain of n-dimensional function with a provision for n+1 dimensions
IN215705 India A device for sensing ammonia gas using sintered zinc oxide with ruthenium compound as sensor
US7363166 USA Computational method for the identification of candidate proteins useful as anti-infectives
IN222601 India A device useful for accurate time synchronization
IN221212 India An improved process for the preparation of surface modified zinc oxide sensor material useful for sensing ammonia gas
US7424370 USA Computational method for identifying adhesin and adhesin-like proteins of therapeutic potential
US7440852 USA Stochastic analytical solution to quantify the earth's subsurface heat flow
IN233179 India An energy efficient data acquistion system and a computer controlled on-line energy monitoring system incorporating the same
IN232492 India A system useful for on-line monitoring of the condition of dynamic machines in hazardous environment
US7650027 USA Fake document including fake currency detector using integrated transmission and reflective spectral response
US7657378 USA Computer based method for identifying peptides useful as drug targets
US7684607 USA Fake currency detector using visual and reflective spectral response
US7711497 USA Method of identifying calcium-binding sites in gamma-crystallin useful for management of cataract
IN240843 India A process for the preparation of nanosized acicular magnetic iron oxide in magnetic field by biomimetic route
US7912272 USA Fake document including fake currency detector using integrated transmission and reflective spectral response
IN251125 India An autonomous control system for shearer-loader in underground longwall coal mines
US8140309 USA Method of predicting the dynamic behavior of water table in an anisotropic unconfined aquifer having a general time-varying recharge rate from multiple rectangular recharge basins
IN252323 India Novel 1-bromo-4-(4'-bromophenoxy)-2-pentadecyl benzene and a process for the preparation thereof
2293/DEL/2011 India Real time pellet size distribution measurement using firewire camera
2473/DEL/2013 India A probiotic composition comprising the novel isolated bacterial strain of brevibacterium casei ap9
2529/DEL/2013 India High-speed multi bit logic decoder for current mode switching
US9062296 USA Recombinant meso-active thermostable proteins and processes of design and biosynthesis thereof
IN268577 India A method of improving response and recovery time of semiconducting tin oxide based gas sensors in thick film form for detection of combustible gases and semiconducting tin oxide based gas sensors in thick film form made thereby
2078/DEL/2014 India Porosity free powder of tungsten carbide composites and process for preparation thereof
10417/DELNP/2015 India In silico method to identify the important biomarkers and combinatorial oncoproteins in target based cancer therapy
444/DEL/2015 India Three dimensional deformometer: for measurement of displacement response of masonry prisms along 3-axes
3022/DEL/2014 India Bio-geo pad as a repellent and aroma respository for domestic use and process thereof
1701/DEL/2014 India Novel o-alkynyl anilines and their preparation thereof
887/DEL/2006 India Non-linear inversion technique for interpretation of geophysical data using analytically computed first and second order derivatives
2478/DEL/2015 India A device for the measurement of magnetostriction of ferromagnetic materials
3527/DEL/2015 India An automated remote computing method and system by email platform for molecular analysis
352/KOL/2015 India A cold chamber for an annealing simulator
IN201611003224 India Non Destructive Vibration Analysis of Civil Structures Using High Speed Imaging in Real Time
IN201611003052 India Improvements in or Relating To the Development of a Device and Method for Coating Integrity Analysis [D-CIA]
IN201611011757 India Remote Monitoring and Controlling Physical Parameters of a Material Under Transportation
IN201611032159 India Electrochemical On-Chip Sensor for Detecting Pancreatic Cancer and Method of Detection Thereof
IN201611042095 India Translucent concrete composition using pre-treated plastic optical fibers and a process thereof
IN201711002216 India A novel diketopyrole supramolecular black dye and elastomer as a near infrared filter
US10115456 USA Multi-states nonvolatile opto-ferroelectric memory material and process for preparing the same thereof
IN306214 India Microprocessor based multi-channel monitoring system useful for automatic and reliable measurement of vibrating wire sensors
IN201711030709 India Integrated sensor gadget for corrosion monitoring in civil structures using mobile platform
IN201711019071 India A magnetic multifunctional nanocomposite of natural material, process for preparation and use thereof
IN310786 India A Long Duration Optical Memory Device Based On Deformed Helix Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Material And Method for the Development thereof
US10318839 USA Method for automatic detection of anatomical landmarks in volumetric data
IN201711042427 India Method and system for activity recording, visualisation and analysis for identified segments of forest
IN201711030803 India A method for volumetric segmentation of human upper respiratory tract
IN322167 India Hand-held device and step-scanning technique for reading by the blind
US10467068 India Automated remote computing method and system by email platform for molecular analysis
IN201811019278 India A device for recovery of fuel oil gas from plastic waste and the process thereof
IN329131 India Myoelectric arm with hand and wrist motions using single actuator
IN201811044361 India A synergistic herbal formulation useful for urolithiasis and nephrolithiasis
IN201811031933 India Dioxygenase derived from functional metagenomics useful in biosensing and bioremediation
IN201811047609 India Energy-dissipating replaceable fuse elements for steel beam-column connection