Patent no Country Title
IN29842 India Water detecting composition
IN41336 India Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of radio volume controls
IN52711 India An electronic voltage regulator for shunt wound and compound-wound d c generators
IN56310 India Device for testing the horse-power, pulling capacity and/or endurance of animals or moving bodies
IN54959 India An electrical device for double action on off control
IN62261 India A ternperature sensitive ceramic composition having medium permittivity and retraceable characteristics
IN63659 India An improved vacuum tester for canned foods
IN65611 India A filter for calibrating the wave length scales of optical instruments such as the spectrophotometer
IN71919 India A universal fluid flow indicating manometer for flow indication in closed conduits
IN66670 India A device for the rapid classification of mica or like high frequency dielectrics on the basis of power factor
IN66079 India Improvement in or modification with particular reference to a pressure measuring device for recording the tension
IN72264 India Metal detector
IN85447 India Heat flow transducer
IN77223 India Bed-load sampler
IN78780 India An improved process for the preparation of carbon monoxide detector tubes
IN82303 India A guide for making holes with augers
IN088214 India A new clinching device to seal fibre straps on packages
IN088019 India A yarn tension measuring and recording instrument
IN88019 India A yarn tension measuring and recording instrument
IN91290 India Improvements in or relating to an apparatus for the measurement of gel time of thermosetting resins
IN90238 India A microscopic eye-piece graticule for rapid determination of projected specific surface of particulate material
IN91411 India A new soil sampler
IN93146 India A yarn tension measuring and recording instrument (addition to indian patent no 88019)
IN91134 India Improvement in or relating to a precision temperature controller for use with electrical resistance furance upto 1600 degree centigrade
IN96342 India Improvements in ice point apparatus for maintaining a constant temperature of 0 degree centigrade
IN98142 India An instrument designated as archo solslider '' for making calculations of shadow coverages and values of direct solar radiations on surfaces
IN98152 India A new composition of dye-pentrants containing indigenous materials for surface and sub-surface crack detection
IN98149 India An instrument for the measurment of soil moisture
IN98591 India Improvements in thermometer cage
IN98590 India Thermometer time lag testing machine
IN98143 India A device for the measurement of displacement between the points
IN98144 India Suspension type convergence indicator
IN98145 India Improvement type convergence recorder
IN99181 India Improvements in or relating to electrolytic reduction of nitroguanidine to aminoguanidine
IN101716 India A load cell for measuring load on roof bolts
IN107724 India A device for exact tracking particularly suited for sensitivity improvement of medium wave receives
IN104864 India Convergence indicator
IN105517 India An instrument for measuring small displacement
IN107270 India Indigenous fluorescent dye-penetrants for surface and sub-surface crack detection
IN107058 India An improved load cell
IN109364 India Volume change measuring apparatus
IN113945 India Electronic controller for controlling the thickness of thin flim during evaporation
IN110409 India A process for the preparation of hydrogen sulphide detector tube
IN109186 India Electronic tachometer
IN109905 India Improvements in or relating to the wide-band double-tuned coupled if amplifier for tv receivers
IN109707 India An area measuring machine particularly suited for measuring leather area
IN111927 India Automatic battery testing device
IN112037 India Construction of a rotating cantilever type fatigue-testing machine
IN114420 India A fatigue testing machine
IN112675 India An inter communication system
IN115041 India Improvements in or relating to variable area flow-meter
IN114952 India An electronic device for checking speed of automobiles on roads
IN113745 India Cable fault locator
IN118034 India Improvements in or relating to viscometers
IN119533 India An instrument to provided an easy , quick and accurate method for measuring outer tapers on shafts or the like
IN119805 India Improved thin film thickness monitor
IN116564 India Ultrasonic transducers for automation, sensing and remote control applications
IN113406 India A new thermistor composition exhibiting high positive temperature coefficient of resistivity (posistor)
IN122114 India A profilograph for checking pavement unevenness
IN115206 India High altitude automatic mixture corrector
IN121776 India An unevenness indicator for indicating pavement irregularities
IN121777 India A marking or/and indicating device suitable for attachment to an unevenness measuring machine
IN120706 India Improved thin film thickness monitor
IN119627 India Vibration sensitive switch
IN120988 India Two dimensional dial indicator
IN122025 India New support material for gas chromatography
IN122997 India An apparatus for recording of wind direction
IN122996 India Improvements in or relating to self excited linear variable transformer as displacement sensing device
IN123646 India A system for determining very small weights
IN126064 India Improvements in or relating to wire helix winding for electronic device such as travelling wave tube (twt)
IN126178 India Pressure vessel fabrication machine
IN124951 India A hydraulic prop incorporating a load indicating device
IN127322 India An improved log periodic dipole antenna for beam compression and gain improvement
IN128617 India An apparatus for the production of both positive and negative dc voltage
IN128876 India A device for gas supply failure alarm
IN129109 India An appratus for recording wind velocity
IN133676 India A strain gauge flow transducer
IN128858 India Improvement in or relating to a device for producing ultrasonic power
IN129469 India Thin layer chromatography plaster from mineral gypsum
IN135066 India A strain gauge obstruction flow transducer
IN132445 India An automatic cutting table
IN131605 India A size box level control device for sizing machines in textile industry
IN133278 India A process for manufacture of parafin wax from slack wax
IN133630 India A strain gauge immersion transducer
IN132328 India A precisely controlled wide-angle uniformly spraying device
IN133309 India A device for feeding a gas detector tube with gas
IN133209 India A gradual load application device for testing the mechanical strength of glass shells of bulbs of miners' cap lamps
IN131516 India Improvement in or relating to schlieren apparatus
IN133210 India Sine drive device for achieving linear wavelength scale in plane reflection grating instruments
IN133262 India A regulator for controlling the supplementary fuel-flow in a diesel engine for compensating power-loss at high altitudes
IN135146 India Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of a multiple-probe-head for measuring resistivity
IN133629 India An optical deflection magnifier for increasing the sensitivity of electrical measuring system
IN134919 India A strain gauge breathing transducer
IN134265 India A strain gauge load cell
IN134978 India A strain gauge blood pressure transducer
IN134169 India A strain gauge transducer
IN134170 India A strain gauge pressure transducer
IN133329 India A process for the preparation of hydrocarbon vapour detector tube (petroleum hydrocarbon)
IN136253 India A size box temperature control device for controlling the temperature of size solution in the size box of sizing machines in the textile industry
IN136252 India A drying cylinders temperature control device for sizing machines in the textile industry
IN136492 India A horizontal deflection coil winding machine for winding deflection coils for television receiver
IN134717 India A crystal probe for ultrasonic flaw detectors
IN136736 India A metering pump having spring plate and bellow tube with roller squezze
IN136797 India An infrared detector
IN136858 India A precision pipette
IN136955 India Light intensity analogue to digital converter
IN136940 India An ultrasonic interferometer
IN137233 India A letter bomb detector
IN137538 India A device for assessing daylight availability and or sunlight penetration
IN138064 India A machine for testing taxi meters
IN144073 India An electro-optical display device
IN144413 India An improved type of ultrasonic air transducer for automation, sensing and remote control applications
IN145333 India An arc stand for striking an arc between two electrodes for photographing the spectra of elements with spectrographs
IN158816 India A digital set point proportional control device for use with precision unit operations in the chemical industry
IN159026 India An electronic process control device for use as digital dual set point controllers
IN160088 India An electronic control device for automatically controling cathodic or anodic potentials for the protection of electrical equipment/installations
IN167670 India A theft alarm system
IN169587 India An electronic control device for electrochemical dissolution process
IN177443 India An electronic control divice for the uninterrupted supply of electric energy
IN182723 India An improved process for making bistable and high contrast surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal display device
IN185273 India A process for the preparation of zebra connectors useful for electronic displays employing conducting composits of polymiline
IN194312 India A process for the fabrication of flat and flexible electroluminescent panel useful for displays and illumination
IN193318 India A process of manufacturing a moisture sensor useful for the determination of trace moisture present in gases
IN228286 India An improved ph transmitter device for on-line high current application
3610/DELNP/2006 India Improved Fake Currency Detector Using Visual and Reflective Spectral Response
IN209274 India An improved stop valve for controlling the flow of fluids
IN221198 India An internet-accessible real-time weather information system
IN233222 India A portable humidity generator
IN227546 India A novel stackable in water pressure resistant oceanographic housing
US7650027 USA Fake document including fake currency detector using integrated transmission and reflective spectral response
US7684607 USA Fake currency detector using visual and reflective spectral response
IN259407 India An intrinsically safe zener regulated power supply unit useful in hazardous locations
IN259777 India A multi-channel intrinsically safe real-time monitoring system for underground mines
IN260115 India An improved digital gasometer for rapid determination of carbonate content in marine sediment
IN260496 India Improved fake currency detector using integrated transmission and reflctive spectral response
US8816850 USA Tracking and monitoring system for opencast mines
359/DEL/2015 India Smart energy harvesters for self sustaining structural structural health monitoring system
IN201611011071 India Local Methane Detector for Hazardous Areas
IN201611040851 India Car driving simulator with driver diagnostic and training method
IN201711007875 India Multipurpose induction charging based air-induced air-assisted high range electrostatic spraying system for dust mitigation and environment protection
IN201711033661 India Shaped objects for use in security applications