Patent no Country Title
IN137295 India A motor operated jack
IN138007 India Multispeed hub for vehicles such as bicycles
IN138008 India Three speed hub for vehicles such as bicycles
IN139728 India Powered cycle rickshaw
IN144621 India Five speed hub for vehicles such as bicycle
IN145125 India Three speed hub for vehicles such as bicycles
IN149251 India Process for the manufacture of non-metallic backing strip for use in metal welding
IN154410 India An improved device for static testing of fatigue parameters of carts and like slow moving vehicles
IN157477 India An adjustable manually operated device for moving stagnated vehicle
IN167940 India Multifunctional digging tool to function as spade-cum-hoe
IN172047 India Mini climbing crane
IN191272 India A safety device for motorised two-wheeler vehicles
IN195825 India A device for rescuing small children trapped in abandoned bore holes
IN215662 India An improved disposable garbage bin
DE10196154 Germany An improved antiglare optical device
2984/DEL/2012 India Vehicle mounted automatic controlled mobile bridge inspection device
3859/DEL/2012 India A low cost compact mixed flow relative humidity generator
864/DEL/2006 India A device for suppression of dust produced during blasting of coalface in bord
360/DEL/2015 India A tripod adhesive bonding fixture useful the repair of thin walled structures
769/DEL/2008 India A device for automated water level and quality measurments for geo-hydrological applications
777/DEL/2008 India A wireless information and safety system for mines
3866/DEL/2014 India Novel aromatic diisocyanates and polyurethanes therefrom
IN279099 India A novel transportable device for lifting and flaying animals
2597/DEL/2015 India Biodegradable multipurpose gear oil composition for industrial and automotive application and its process thereof
2811/DEL/2015 India A manually inflated retrofit seat belt
2934/DEL/2015 India An improved giant magnetoimpedance sensor device for structural integrity assessment of engineering components
3766/DEL/2015 India An improved column flotation system
IN201611003956 India A mechanical power steering unit
IN291760 India A Device for Suppression of Dust Produced During Blasting of Coalface In Bord Pillar Mining
IN201611029036 India A Device for Layer Wise Surface Liquid Sample Collection
IN296760 India A non-air based permanent floating device useful for life saving in natural calamities situations
IN201711001140 India A method for efficient design of roof bolt based breaker line support in mechanised depillaring
IN305937 India Process for the preparation of highly efficient and stabilized copper (0) nanoparticles for heck-, suzuki-, sonogashira-, and stille- type coupling of chloroarenes
IN201711030708 India Fast charging and storage unit for bi-cycle lighting
IN313002 India Speed override mechanism
IN201711017992 India Passive ambient air-pollutant removal system (PAARS)
IN322221 India Zero wastewater discharge process for pretanning operations in leather manufacture
IN201811040427 India Automatic headlamp dimming device